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a family Christmas tree farm since 1895


Lutz Farms is located in beautiful Northwest Michigan – just east of Lake Michigan and south of Traverse City, in the small village of Kaleva in Manistee County. For almost 120 years, we have served our community with the best in freshly farmed fruits, vegetables, Christmas wreaths and Christmas trees. Bring your family out to pick fresh produce in the summer, or come out in the winter to begin your family tradition of cutting down your own tree to display proudly in your home.

Join us this season and let Lutz Farms help create your family memories.


The Lutz farm was founded in 1895 by Matthew Lutz who came from Germany. His sons Henry and Herman took over the farm in 1939. At that time cattle was the major enterprise. Herman’s son Calvin (Pete) left Michigan State University in

1952 to take over the farming, gradually changing it from a cattle farm to a fruit, vegetable, and Christmas tree farm.

In 1966 Fruit Haven Nursery was incorporated.


When Pete’s son Calvin II finished M.S.U. in 1978, he purchased his own farm and became involved in the management

of Fruit Haven Nursery. Today Fruit Haven Nursery and Lutz Farms own 975 acres, growing Christmas trees, fruit

and vegetables.


Pete is now “semi-retired” and the whole operation is run by Calvin II and his wife Julie, with help from their three

children, making it truly a family farm. A typical year includes asparagus, strawberries, sweet and tart cherries, pickles, pumpkins, Christmas trees and other assorted garden vegetables. Calvin Lutz Farms currently operates a farm stand

with in season produce, a U-Pick for sweet cherries and strawberries, a U-Cut Christmas tree location as well as

three retail Christmas tree locations in the Detroit/Lansing area.

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